so yesterday i spend quite a lot to buy some stuff from THE BODY SHOP..

here are the stuff i bought

  • extra virgin minerals
  • seaweed deep cleansing facial wash
  • grapeseed glossing serum
  • vitamin E 
well, serum is good for your hair. so, i bought serum to control my hair fall.. gosh, 
i manage to keep my hair long but hair fall give me headache... damn

vitamin E is good for your face, it will make your face smooth plus, it can repair scar.. well i hope..

seaweed..... mmm i got it for free actually because I exceed RM100..ops... well, actually this is the first time I come across seaweed as a cleanser... sorry to say, seaweed is my favourite snack..but as a cleanser , i will think twice.. but since the description is ok, not bad and it is actually GOOD for skin, i might try it soon, after i finish my old cleanser first.. 
plus, well hello it's free... hahaaa

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