now, lets talk about this particular book by Tan Twan Eng...
this book reminds me of my BFF who is currently doing his final year project on literature
(while i am doing about code switching .mmmm....anyway)
so, for this book here is the cover of the book...for those who have no ideas about this book i will tell you guys shortly, ^^
now scroll down...~

so, here is the synopsis of the book..

" the story of Philip Hutton and the haunting tragedies that befall him when he becomes entangled in a web of wartime loyalties and deceits. In 1939, at the outset of World War II, 16 year old Philip is a lonely outsider on the lush Malayan island of Penang. (Malaysia)  Alienated from his community and family, he at last discovers a sense of belonging through an unexpected friendship with another outsider - a foreign diplomat whose true purpose on the island will ultimately bring unspeakable devastation. When Philip discovers he has been an unwitting traitor to his homeland and its people, he must work in secret to save many lives as possible, even as his own family is torn apart..."

 so, here is the spoiler.. haha
 the another outsider is Endo-san, we (my friends and I ) truly interpreted this whole relationship is far beyond any other normal relationship..cause it is so pure and sweet...
it is more than a sensei towards his pupil but far..  ( cut it short... we called it is only  OUR own point of view..but we did have some proof in certain pages... there are something that led to what we are thinking at that time haha)

there are 3 major themes spotted such as :

  • fate and destiny
  • betrayal
  • diversity of cultures

" What decides our path of life,
Are we forced to walk the path laid down upon us?
Or do we choose our own path ? "

p/s   that is my favourite quote !!! ^______^

so wanna know more about this story faster grab your wallet and. go buy this book... haha i unofficially promoting this... 
well...whatever it worth your penny...

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